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Nick is an business analyst with over 21 years of continuous experience in Information Systems, with a solid understanding of the role applications play in an organization. Experience includes scale-able and complex projects, in addition to systems operations, networking, forensics/information security, and all types of software development. Nick's focus has always been to automate and document all aspects of a business.

Highlights of Experience


Employment History

QHR Technologies
Manager, Corp IT
April 2019 - Present
  • Managed 2 small teams (8 Full Time people) including Help Desk and Corporate IT across 3 offices.
  • Implemented checklist processes for many operations
  • Responsible for all Employee facing systems/services/software
  • Project Management
  • Managed a team and the processes to enable all 500+ employees working remotely from home to continue operations due to a pandemic
  • Plan, get corporate buy-in and promote new technologies to support both our staff and client
  • Foster communication between teams on cross team projects
  • Collecting useful metrics to share
  • QHR Technologies Senior QA Analyst August 2018 - April 2019 - Continued some IT/Mediplan Duties - Worked through old code to determine how it works, and how to write tests for it - Wrote Liquibase changelogs for a complex structure including over 900 tables. - Wrote Service tests in JUnit for Accuro - Reviewed code for other developers writing tests - Helped the Team Lead; onboarding and training other staff - Came up with some of the infrastructure for the service tests - Test Complete testing of a GUI application - Looked after the Calgary office and organize Calgary Events QHR Technologies Dev Ops Lead July 2017 - August 2018 - Development Lead for CloudSync (internal system for transfering files and forwarding other applications in and out of the cloud) - Leading developers and Support personal - Programming Development / System Design and API documentation - Evaluating Technology Solutions / Providing recommendations - Project management - Disaster Recovery - OpenBSD and Linux administration - Managing cloud resources - Virtual Fax server API and administration Telin Systems Architecture / Product management / Managing Partner June 2001 - July 2017 Responsible for many areas of Telin including: - Management of all staff except sales - Owning the managment of our customer facing services and applications - Budgeting and human resource management - building relationships with clients - IT Services Management - Software Architecture - Application code reviews to find gaps in compliance and best practices - Manual testing of applications as well as some, but limited automated testing - Automated tested of preformance, including web services and limited desktop application - Development and Supervising other Developers, including outsourced projects - Evaluating Technology Solutions / Providing recommendations - Project management - Disaster Recovery planning - Policy / procedures management Previously: - Information security awareness training for both in house and our clients - Implementing Cloud Based Services (Migration to the cloud) - Information security reviews and risk management - 3rd tier technical support - Network, Firewall and VPN administrator (OpenBSD and Fortigate) - VOIP phone administrator Global edge and wireless 2005-2006 As the Information Security Officer i was responsible for policies, procedures, firewalls and some system administration and programming. Geoinformatics 1999-2001 At Geoinformatics i was a part time programmer and a full time sys admin Previous jobs: - Superstore stock boy in produce (2 years) started May 16, 1998 - Technical support at multiple companies


    - Calgary Food Bank 
    - Iron Horse Park, previously Secretary, previously intern Treasurer, I work 
    weekly on many aspects of the park, including but not limited 
    to: Track/buildings/locomotives maintenance.
    - High Altitude Balloon Launches with schools and individuals. 
    - Guns of the Golden West as an old western actor.
    - Emergency Radio Operator (licenced)
    - Science Alberta Foundation Calgary office, 
    ph. (403) 260-1945, helping out with office and computer duties. 
    I volunteered for the summer starting on June 30, 1998


    UBC Sauder School of Business - Executive Education
    - Collaborating with remote teams
    - Managing Customer Expectations
    - Managing Virtual Meetings    
    - Agile Leadership Strategies and Techniques 
    Athabasca university
    Bachelor's Degree, Information Systems
    2002 - 2005
    I worked remotely on my degree while working full time
    I completed a project course on encryption which gave me a focus of 
    Information Security during my studies. 
    1997 - 2000 Henry Wise Wood High School
    Graduated with Honors and got a scholarship. 


    Michael Susylinski
    Technical Analyst at SaskTel
    Michael worked with Nicholas at Telin Systems LTD
    Nicholas is exceptionally brilliant. It was a pleasure to work with 
    someone so versed in IT, and very rare to find someone with such 
    knowledge and passion for technology.
    Ian Patterson
    IT Consultant at FracKnowledge
    Ian worked directly with Nicholas at Telin Systems LTD
    Nick's skills were very evident when I worked with him. While working 
    with Nick at Telin he always kept the securities issues current and 
    relevant. As the Information Security officer for Telin, he was very 
    organized and proactive. Nick's scientific hobbies and general technical 
    interests would be a benefit to any business.
    Arash Eftekhari
    IT/Systems Admin, currently looking for new opportunities
    Arash worked indirectly for Nicholas at Telin Systems LTD
    He is one of sharpest IT specialists I have ever worked with. I have had 
    the pleasure of working with him for over 4 years. He gets the job done, 
    even if he has to create the solution from the scratch. He is very good 
    at thinking outside of the box, and leads the way. He is an OpenBSD guru, 
    and he has applied the toolbox philosophy of Unix to a very wide range of 
    IT problems. He has strong hardware/software skills, and I have seen him 
    integrate a wide range of software/hardware components to create a 
    solution. His IT interests are numerous, ranging from real time data 
    acquisitions to specialized medical systems. Sometimes it becomes a 
    challenge to followup what he is doing, as he is a fast thinker, and 
    amazing multi-tasker. In personal life he is into a number of interesting 
    activities, from piloting light airplanes to amateur radio to photography. 
    In more than one occasion, I have put my life in his hands by flying in 
    his airplane. If you are looking for a Unix guru with can-do attitude, he 
    is your guy!